Welcome back to the Elite Cabins and RV Park blog! With the holidays being over, it’s time to start thinking about summer and all the fun waiting to be had just around the corner. What else is there to do when it’s cold and snowy outside than start planning an epic road trip? Today, on our blog we are going to tell you why you should take an RV trip this summer.

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8 Reasons to RV Vacation This Summer

We understand that being able to post pictures from some exotic place is awesome, but what about all the sights to be seen in your own backyard? What if you don’t have the money to take a big expensive vacation? An RV vacation can be the perfect way to satisfy the travel bug without breaking the bank. Keep reading to learn more about why an RV vacation might become your favorite way to travel.

Experience Nature

Do you want to get back to nature? An RV vacation is the perfect way to do it. You can travel to campsites all over the country or even find your own place to park. If you are tired of the busyness of city life, it’s time for an RV vacation.

Bring “Home” With You

Instead of packing and settling down in a new hotel room every few nights, create a place to call “home” with an RV that is equipped with many of the comforts that you are used to having at home.

Vacation With All Members of the Family

An RV can be one of the easiest ways to vacation with everyone in the family. It can easily sleep your family and can provide the comforts that those younger travel companions and those young at heart need to have the best travel experience.  

Great For Kids

An RV camping trip is actually great for kids! An RV provides a comfortable space for kids to travel, enjoy camping conditions, and is convenient for small bladders.

Community at Campgrounds

RV parks can be a great place to meet new people, enjoy community with fellow travelers, and provides playmates for the kids. For the ultimate experience, join campground events.

Ultimate Travel Flexibility

Instead of feeling like you have to fit your travel desires into the schedule of the travel options available, you can create your own schedule! Leave an area when you want or stay for as long as you like.


When you take out the cost of accommodations, you reduce the price of traveling immensely. Though you will still have to pay for the cost of gas, not having a several-hundred-dollar hotel cost can significantly reduce the cost of traveling, making it possible to visit all those places you’ve always dreamed of.

Control on Travel Plans

Have you ever been traveling and wished you could stay one more day, but knew you couldn’t because you had a plane to catch or had to get to your next hotel at a particular time? When you are road-tripping in your RV, you get to have more control over how long you stay in a particular place and when you move on.

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