Packing is many travelers’ least favorite part about an extended stay. Why? It’s overwhelming to gather everything you will need. Packing may always be a drag. However, there are ways to make it less of a pain and more productive. Read the latest Elite Cabins & RV Park blog and make your reservation for your extended stay in Big Spring.

4 Tips For Headache-Free Packing

Packing is never a fun task, but there are ways to make it more bearable and means to make sure that you packed everything that you need for a comfortable stay.

Make a List & Check It Twice

Making a list of all the items that you need is one of the best ways to stay organized and make sure that you get all those items you need to pack. We suggest that you take a few moments, days, or even weeks before you leave for your extended stay and start making a list of everything that you need to take. Revisit the list a few days later to see if there was anything that was missed. When making a list, consider grouping items into categories: items to be packed in a specific piece of luggage, those items that are similar, or even what items are non-negotiable and those that can stay home, if the room doesn’t exist to include them.

Set Aside Important Items

As you are nearing your day of departure for your extended stay in Big Spring. Consider setting aside those items that you will need to pack. Put them in an out-of-the-way place that is near where you will do the actual packing. Setting items aside can help you remember those items that are easy to forget and that you may have forgotten to put on your original packing list. When setting items aside, do your best to organize them and keep them as neat as possible; this will help you have an easier time when you actually begin packing.



Organize Before & As You Pack

We have already mentioned that organization is important, so why mention it again? Because it’s essential for successfully packing. Instead of just stuffing your bags with random items, try to dedicate particular bags or boxes to a specific item categories. Not only does this make packing less stressful, but it makes double-checking your organized packing easy.  

Avoid Over-Packing With Multipurpose Items

When you are packing, it can be easy to want to be prepared for every situation. However, with that mindset, you can easily overpack, make your life a nightmare, and pull a muscle. Do your best to pack multipurpose items such as multi-seasonal coats, shoes that can be worn for multiple purposes. Also, leave most of your “just-in-case” items at home.

Ready to Make Your Reservation?

Now that you know how to pack, it’s time to reserve your cabin rental for your extended stay in Big Spring. We at Elite Cabins & RV Park would love to host you. With our comfortable cabins and modern amenities, it is no wonder why we are considered your Top Rated Local® Extended Stay Provider. Read more about what we can offer you on our website!