How Much Does It Cost To Stay In An RV Park?

One of the questions we get asked all the time is: “How much does it cost to stay at an RV Park?” If you are a full-time RV traveler it is a difficult question to answer because there are so many variables. Many people live in their RV, so they do not have a lot of fixed expenses. Several expenses can change every month depending on where we are and what we are doing.

But, since most people don’t live in their RVs full-time, we did some research on the subject to see what the monthly costs for a part-time or seasonal RV traveler might be. You see, every state is going to have a different rate, and every park is going to have different rates, depending on location, amenities and many times on the length of stay (some parks will discount long term stays) . We looked at rates for four different types of RV Parks: commercial, state parks, national parks, and private campgrounds.

Without knowing if your destination RV Park includes any discounts we did not include any, mostly because they vary widely from park to park and require you to stay a certain length of time. The numbers below represent nightly costs. In reality, if you were staying at these locations on a regular basis you would probably get a discount that would bring your monthly costs down significantly (a monthly rate is typically up to 30% off, but again that is going to depend on the RV Park.

So how much does it cost to stay at an RV Park? This is a bit of a trick question, and we’ll explain why.

While the nightly rate at an RV Park is usually less expensive than staying at a hotel, you have to factor in the additional costs associated with RVs. While looking at many RV parks we found nightly rates as low as $25 — Many RV Parks will have a very low nightly rate, but do not offer amenities like electricity, water hookups and sewer hookups. Don’t forget WIFI…The best advice I can give is to call your destination RV Park in the city you are traveling to, and ask what is included in the nightly fee. This will give you clarity about what to expect from your stay.

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