Welcome to the Elite Cabins and RV Park blog! In our last post, we shared four reasons you should stay at our cabin rentals when you spend the holidays in Big Spring. If you will be in the Big Spring area for the holidays and need to place to stay, call us! Elite Cabins & RV Park offers pull-through RV sites and propane services, as well as cozy cabins and a modern clubhouse. Visit our website to book your spot and keep reading to learn how to have an enjoyable holiday even if you are away from home.

4 Tips For Celebrating Christmas Away From Home

Having to spend the holidays away from those you love can be extremely difficult and disheartening. However, it doesn’t have to a blue Christmas. Though it won’t be the same as being with your family, here are four ways to have a pleasant holiday if you are out on the road in Big Spring.


Decorating can take even the blandest of spaces and give it the Christmas cheer that will help you celebrate the holidays. Go to the local supermarket or even the dollar store and find cheap decorations such as tinsel, garland, a small Christmas tree, lights, and more! You don’t have to spend a lot of money or completely cover your space. Just adding a little bit of sparkle to your temporary home can warm any Grinch’s heart.

Do What You Love

The holiday season can be a time of rest and relaxation as well as spending more time doing the things you love. As you spend the holidays away from home, invest more time in your hobbies: read a book you’ve always wanted to read, have a movie marathon, get in an extra game of golf, or go for a run.

Make the Fixin’s

One of the most impactful elements of the holidays is the food; we enjoy the food during this time that we dream about all year long. Even though you won’t be enjoying your family’s specialties this year, try making them yourself! If you can, get ahold of your family’s recipes or try making something similar. If you aren’t much of a cook, enjoy some of the local fair instead.


One of the best ways to handle the holidays away is to connect with those in a similar situation. If you are away with other coworkers, gather together to share a Christmas meal, or stop by a local restaurant in Big Spring and join others in celebrating the holidays while having great food. Even if you do find others to enjoy the holiday with, be sure to give your family a call. Even if you think you may be interrupting the festivities, they will be happy to hear from you!

Have a Place to Call Home This Christmas

If you are going to be away from home this holiday season, come stay with us in Big Spring! Elite Cabins and RV Park offers cabin rentals as well as pull-through RV sites, and the amenities you need to have a comfortable stay in Big Spring. Visit our website to learn more about our accommodations and to book your spot today!