Happy New Year from all of us at Elite Cabins & RV Park! We hope that you had a wonderful holiday and got to spend it with those that you love most in a beautiful place. We are excited about the new year and all the opportunities that it can bring. Whether you’ve been living the RV life for awhile or this is your first year hitting the road, it’s time to refocus on what makes us love the open road and perhaps experience it in a new way. Today, on the Elite Cabin & RV Park blog, we are going to share some New Year’s resolutions every RV-er can appreciate.

Keep reading to get inspired for 2019 and be sure to stay with us the next time you’re driving through Big Spring, Texas. We offer pull-through sites with hookups, as well as on-site propane services. Additionally, we offer a clubhouse with an exercise center, laundry services, pool tables, an entertainment center, showers, and more! Visit our website to learn more about what we can provide you during your stay. Not bringing the RV this time? Stay at our extended stay cabins!  

8 New Year’s Resolutions Every RV-er Should Make In 2019

A new year is a perfect time to think about all the possibilities for the upcoming months of your life and how you would like to spend them in the most ideal way while out on the open road. As you make your plans, choose one or multiple New Year’s resolutions and see where they take you this year.

Travel Slower

It’s easy to want to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible, but often it’s not about the destination, but it’s about the journey; we think that this can apply to our time on the open road. As you travel, enjoy the scenery, stay longer at one place, and make stops along the way. One of the reasons you may be out on the road is too get away from the busyness of everyday life and to simply slow down. It’s time to embrace the intentional, measured life by setting the watch aside, taking more stops, enjoying each place like a local, and maybe even getting off the highway to travel the backroads.

Purchase an Annual National Parks Pass

How many of our national parks have you seen — have you visited all 58 parks? What’s keeping you from exploring them all? With an America the Beautiful National Parks Annual Pass, you can see as many parks as you can within a year for a fraction of what it would normally cost. Not only can you experience the beauty of more of our national parks, the pass also gets you into 2,000 federal recreation sites for free. When you visit our national parks you get the chance to see some of the greatest natural wonders of the United States. You will see caves, volcanoes, hot spring, glaciers, sand dunes, and more! Experience some of the most awe-inspiring places for only $80!

Go Off Season

It can be easy to want to visit your favorite places at the same time of year you always have, but maybe instead go during the off-season to get a whole new experience. Going during the off-season can allow you to avoid the stress of overcrowding, tourists photo bombing your shots, and having to contend with traffic. For example, instead of visiting the Grand Canyon in the middle of summer, check it out during the fall or winter — experience a whole different Arizona during the winter!

Get the Boondock Experience

If you’ve never had the boondock experience, it’s time to give it a try. Though staying in an RV park (especially one in Big Spring) can be a relaxing experience, getting off the beaten path can be a rewarding experience! What is boondocking? Boondocking is essentially camping; parking your RV in the wild. Experience nature while still having the comforts of your RV. If you choose to boondock, be sure to follow all signs and to respect nature.

Invest in Solar Panels

Want to go green and spend less time recharging your batteries or in an RV park? It’s time to invest in solar panels! Solar panels utilize natural energy that is readily available — sun light — and allow you more flexibility as you travel. Solar panels may seem like an expensive endeavor. However, it’s actually quite affordable and can provide a considerable return on your investment. If you want to spend more time boondocking, solar panels are a must! Say goodbye to being “chained up” to your hookups or subjected to the noise of a generator.

Support Local

When traveling it’s easy to gravitate towards those store and restaurant names that you recognize, but you could be missing out on local fair that could be better than those chain restaurants. When traveling, ask the locals where they go and check out local farmers markets. You will get to experience not only those fresh fruits and veggies that are in season, but also local specialties such as bread, jams, and ethnic foods you may not be able to get at home. Eating local can be quite a bit healthier as well — free of preservatives and oftentimes more flavorful.  

Leave No Trace

If you’ve never stopped to consider your effects on the environment. It’s time to become more aware. Straying off marked trails, leaving trash on the side of the road, picking flowers, cutting down tree branches, and other practices aren’t respecting nature. Do your best to leave no trace of your presence by picking up all trash, recycling what you can, enjoying nature as it is, and investing in reusable items such as metal marshmallow sticks. You will not only feel better knowing that you are taking care of the earth, but you will better enjoy your experience of nature and national parks when everyone is following this practice.

Leave the Toad At Home

It’s convenient to park and then drive the car you towed with you. But it’s a new year — why not try something new? Instead of driving everywhere, invest in a bike, try canoeing, and other fun activities. Not only will you feel more healthy, but you may enjoy better gas mileage when you leave the toad at home. It’s also better for the environment!

Ready to hit the open road? Coming through Big Spring? Stop and stay with Elite Cabins & RV Park! We would love to show you to a good time in Big Spring and provide you a comfortable place to stay every time you are in town.