Are you spending the holidays away from home? You may be excited to get away from your eccentric Uncle Don or avoid seeing your mother-in-law who always has a critique of your home. However, you may miss your immediate family and even seeing your crazy family members. Whether you are away for work or play, the holidays can be a tough time away from those that you love. Though there is nothing that could substitute the time spent with your family, today we are going to provide some tips for enjoying the holidays even if you are away from home.

4 Tips For Celebrating the Holidays Away From Home

Whether you are away from home for a few weeks or have been gone of months on end, finding connection and ways to enjoy your time is an absolute must.

Gather Your Friends

Are you and your work buddies away from home together? Instead of all being miserable and alone, join forces and cook a Thanksgiving meal to remember. Whether you want to create the most epic bar-b-que or simply want to buy premade dishes from the local grocery store in Big Spring, invite your co-workers or those strangers staying nearby to a meal. Though nothing can replace family, creating community with other people can be fun and is, in most cases, better than being alone.

Skype With Your Family

Still want to have Thanksgiving dinner with your family? Consider using Skype, FaceTime,  or a similar means of communication to eat with your family. You may not be sitting across the table from your son or daughter, and you won’t be munching on your family’s “world famous” stuffing, but you still get to spend time with them. Fix your own Thanksgiving meal, set a time for dinner and gather together as a family, despite the distance.

Do Something Different

Is Skyping your family during Thanksgiving dinner out of the question, and spending one more day with your coworkers unbearable? Instead of making the day about fixing Thanksgiving dinner, do something for yourself, or have a new experience. Have you been wanting to hike a nearby trail, but haven’t been able to find the time? Go hiking Thanksgiving morning. Has it been awhile since you’ve played some golf? Put in some time at the local Big Spring golf course.  

Get Some Rest

Are you exhausted from work? Thanksgiving may be the perfect day to give your body and mind the rest that they are craving. Sleep in, read a book, watch some movies, or spend time working on a project of your favorite hobby. If you are used to always being on the go, Thanksgiving might be the perfect day to slow down, put away the to-do list, and enjoy your day doing all the things that you love.

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