Several RVer’s say they should have done more research before taking their first RV trip.

What should they have know prior to taking the trip in a recreational vehicle?

It’s a lot of fun to think back on your first RV trip and remember the good times, but it’s also fun to look back and reflect on what you wish you would’ve known before taking your first RV trip.


My first RV trip was a disaster. I did not get the experience I expected. But I learned some important things that made my next RV trip go much better.

I had never been in an RV. I knew it was basically a mobile home. So I had lots of expectations about what it would be like, and what I would do. Many of them were wrong, which is why it was a disaster.

So if you are planning your first RV trip, here’s what you should know:

1) You can do it for cheap.

2) It does not have to be fancy; in fact, the less fancy the better.

3) It is fun, and very convenient if you pack correctly. 

4) You will have to be organized and disciplined.

To be ready for your first RV trip you need to know what to pack and how to drive the RV. RV’s as you know are much larger than a standard car or truck, you’ll have to understand how/where to pack on stops, how to turn with a much larger vehicle, and please…drive the speed limit on the Highway.

To know what to pack you have to ask yourself what do I need and what do I want? If it is a weekend getaway then you will not need as much but if it is for an extended period say a month or more then you will need more clothes and food. You can’t carry everything you need in all scenarios, so some items might be better bought at the destination or destinations along the way. You can always use the internet to find out what is available at each destination point.

Another tip is to do your research before you go. Find RV Parks that have the amenities that you will want. If you are traveling solo, your needs will be much simpler than if you are traveling with family.

One important feature that is useful is a shower to use. This may seem like a small convenience, but being able to shower in something larger than a small closet might be all the difference in the world if you are traveling long term. If you are traveling with kids, you will want to make sure you have plenty of entertainment for them. Starting at a phone for hours on end will get boring, so plan several stops at points of interest and cool landmarks to keep them entertained.

Road food is also a great idea. Packing it ahead of time will save you from making pit stops every little while, or gorging out on drive through food. (which can get expensive after awhile). And not to mention not very healthy. Create a detailed checklist with items you’ll utilize, food, clothes, games, other entertainment. If you are traveling with a large group of people of family, you won’t want to overpack, instead consider buying along the way. (If you are on a tight budget, remember there is a Walmart almost everywhere nowadays.

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