Gas powered RV pros:

– Faster, more powerful engine

– Better for towing and hauling

– Easier to refuel

– Less expensive upfront costs

Electric powered RV Pros:

– Cheaper fuel costs

– Quieter operationRV Parks in Big Spring TX

– No maintenance of the engine and coolant system, no oil changes or tune-ups needed.

– No smelly exhaust fumes, which makes parking your RV at a campsite easier.

Gas powered RV cons:

– Higher fuel costs (and lower mileage) during the summer heat, since gas engines don’t perform as well when it’s hot out.

Electric powered RV cons:

– Electric vehicles require routine battery maintenance. The batteries need to be cleaned, charged, and stored properly.

– Limited range on a single charge. Depending on how you drive, you can expect anywhere from 80 to 400 miles per charge on an electric vehicle.

Gas powered RVs


– They can go pretty much anywhere.

– You can stop at a gas station and refill fairly quickly.

– The motor is more powerful for towing stuff.

– They are cheaper upfront.


– They are not as fuel efficient.

– The emissions are bad for the environment.

Electric powered RVs


– They are more fuel efficient than gas powered RVs.

– They are more eco friendly than a gas powered RV. (Less emissions)


– Some places have trouble getting electric power to them while they are camping. (Not all campsites give you electricity)

– The battery can only last so long without electricity to charge it again, which means you can’t go very far without having to wait until the battery charges again.

The two approaches to powering a recreational vehicle, gas and electric, each have their strengths. If you are planning a trip to Yellowstone National Park or some other scenic area, then you will probably want the freedom and convenience of a gas powered RV. You can go anywhere you like in your gas powered RV without worrying about whether or not there will be an electrical charging station on your route or at your destination.

Why a Gas Powered RV Is better than an Electric RV

The gas powered RV is much more effective as well as affordable than the electric RV. It is also very convenient to use. The gas powered RV functions on the principle of providing power with the help of a combustion engine. The engine has been mounted in it and it is powered by gasoline. One can say that its motor is similar to that of a car but it is much more powerful and efficient than a normal car.

The gas powered RV also has an electric generator which is used for charging up batteries. These batteries are then used for powering devices such as lights, television, radio etc. This enables one to use devices like these even when one does not have access to electrical outlets or power lines.

Another feature of the gas powered RV is that it provides for a larger amount of space than an electric one does. This is because there are no wires connecting it to any kind of electrical source which consumes up a lot of space and power. The gas powered RV also provides for a bigger engine which consumes less fuel and has better performance.

The only disadvantage associated with the gas powered RV is that its maintenance costs are slightly higher but they are still not too high when compared with other vehicles available in the market today. And the cost is typically much less.

There are many reasons why a gas powered RV is better than an electric, but the top 3 reasons are 1. Gas powered RVs are cheaper than electric RVs, 2. Gas powered RVs can go longer distances than an electric RV and 3. Gas powered RVs are easier to take care of than an electric RV.

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